Potholes Can Mean Misaligned Wheels

Going over a pothole or curb can be jarring and unpleasant, and it's also a reason to make sure that your wheels are aligned. When your wheels are out of alignment, your steering wheel might vibrate, your vehicle might slightly veer off in one direction, and your tires will likely wear unevenly. Having a jarring experience in your vehicle, such as running over a pothole or curb, can knock your wheels out of alignment.

But if you bring your vehicle into a repair shop, an automotive technician will measure your wheel angles and determine if your wheels are within the parameters that are set out by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

If you're concerned about your wheel alignment, whether you just ran over a pothole or not, come into Ardmore Nissan and we'll be happy to diagnose the problem, and we'll get you on the road.



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