The 2018 Nissan Altima Is Practical And Exciting

The 2018 Nissan Altima is prepared to meet the needs of a versatile consumer base. The car comes in a couple of different versions with two different engines. The 4 cylinder is a spirited high-performance fuel efficient engine. It is designed to hold its own on aggressive highways while giving the owner a break at the gas pump.

The V6 engine has more power and will offer a sports car appeal. It is equipped with several high-end attributes to help with fuel efficiency such as the Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control system. The CVTC helps distribute power evenly to provide a more efficient ride.

The Altima is equipped with the Xtronic CVT transmission which adds to the smooth operation of the automobile. There is a gear-less feeling when transitioning speeds in the Altima.

The new Altima takes corners very well due to the shocks that reduce outside vibration. The ride then becomes very flat and smooth.

Come in to Ardmore Nissan and schedule a test drive in Ardmore with the new Nissan Altima today.





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