Easy Ways to Test Your Vehicle’s Battery

The end of summer is a great time to check over your vehicle. One important thing to check is the battery. Summer heat can have a negative effect on your battery’s health. You don’t want to find out your battery is faulty the hard way. Here are a few tips to determine if your battery is ready to battle the winter weather.

Use a voltmeter to find out if your battery’s charge is sufficient. To do so, ensure that the vehicle is totally turned off. Connect the positive and negative ends of the voltmeter to the corresponding spots on the battery. You may need to use a battery cleaning agent to prep the terminals. If you get a reading of 50% or lower, your battery is in bad condition.

There are another few indicators that can tell you when your battery needs replacement. If you notice the battery cannot generate enough cranking amps, there is a problem. Also, if the battery is older than five years, it may be time to switch it out.

For professional assistance with your battery, contact Ardmore Nissan. We can check your battery’s health and provide you with a replacement if needed.



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