Can I Test My Battery Without a Voltmeter?

When the engine of your vehicle is not running, every electrical part is running off the battery. A battery that holds a charge will have no problem keeping your headlights going for a few minutes, or your audio system blasting away for hours. A test of headlight brightness with the car running provides a modicum of information about the alternator.

If you have the car running and the headlights are dim, then your alternator is not producing any current at all. Dimming headlights are an issue when you are driving at night. An alternator that produces no current will mean your system is draining your battery. If your headlights brighten when you rev your engine, then your alternator is producing some current. Your battery is still draining.

When you notice dimming headlights, get your vehicle to our service center at Ardmore Nissan right away.


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