The Great Power of the Titan XD Pickup Truck

People can't help but notice the Nissan Titan XD when the full-size pickup truck travels down a road. Anyone interested in a new truck may be looking at this stylish model and wondering about its performance capabilities. The power and handling of the Titan XD won't disappoint.

Placing things in the bed of the truck isn't always an option when you're moving a huge load. Towing with the Titan XD won't be much of a problem. When in tow-haul mode, shifting gears comes with less of a strain. An enhanced rear-view monitor aids in boosting visibility while driving with a trailer. Hooking up the trailer becomes easier as well. One person may be able to do it without assistance thanks to the special hook up design.

And what about that 310 HP engine? The massive power and torque allows for towing up to 12,640 lbs. The engine also works nicely when enjoying a slow leisurely drive as well. Why not take the Nissan Titan XD out for a leisurely drive along a few streets? We at Ardmore Nissan know you'll be as impressed with the truck as we are.



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