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Ardmore Nissan College Graduate Program

Program Details:
Our program is designed to create a stress and hassle free buying experience for you. We know graduating college was stressful enough- we don't want to put any more on you!

With Ardmore Nissan's College Grad Preferred Pricing Program, you can buy a new Nissan at the best price possible, PLUS you get to keep all the rebates! Click to get your College Grad Preferred Pricing Certificate directly from Nissan corporate now! On that page, select Ardmore Nissan under "Find A Dealer" to receive your rebate certificate.

The Ardmore Nissan College Grad Program Includes The Following Benefits:
- Simple "No Haggle, No Hassle" experience
- Pre-negotiated pricing PLUS all applicable rebates and incentives PLUS extra rebates from Nissan
- Receive the best possible interest rate (even if you have NO credit history)
- 90-day deferred payment option.

To Qualify:
- You must have graduated with six months or the past two years from an accredited US tow or four year university, college, graduate school or nursing school
- Provide proof of current of future employment
- Prove sufficient income to cover normal expenses and anticipated car payment
- Valid auto insurance
- Approved Credit
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